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In order to make up for the deficiency of traditional industrial terminals such as high video transmission delay and low speed, this paper researches and designs a video transmission system based on 5G technology. 5G is the most disruptive technology in the industrial Internet field. It is characterized by high speed, low latency, large capacity, mobility, security, etc. This system takes advantage of Rockchip RK3399 as the core processor for video data processing and makes use of Huawei MH5000 5G industrial module to connect to 5G wireless network. The 5G terminal device transmits the video data to the server through the 5G network, and the video data is forwarded to the client through the server for display. In this paper, a video data transmission protocol is designed for the real-time transmission of UAV video. This protocol can reduce the delay of video capture and transmission to client display. This system compares and analyzes the video transmission effects of several wireless transmission schemes. A large number of experiments have verified that the 5G video transmission delay is 49ms and 23 frames per second, which meets the needs of industrial applications.

Design of Real-time video transmission system based on 5G network, Guangmin Tang, Yibo Hu, Hong Xiao.

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