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In the environment of industrial Internet of things, due to the complexity and variability environment, edge computing related technologies are being widely applied. However, the edge node is constrained by cost, volume, power consumption and other conditions, so the ability of edge computing can not be fully played. In order to make edge computing give full play to its characteristics of flexible management, collaborative execution and heterogeneous environment. This paper proposes a real-time reconfigurable edge computing system based on FPGA. The system can be built in real time according to the requirement, by the characteristics of FPGA, including reconfigurable, partial reconfigurable and precise clock control. The system is divided into three parts from macro to micro structure, including: cloud-based configuration information management module, high-performance embedded module based on FPGA and combinable function module based on multi-processor core. Result shows that the system can meet the remotely configuration of cloud according to the environment and requirement of the edge end, so as to quickly build a edge computing system that matches the environment and requirements.

A Real-time Reconfigurable Edge computing System in Industrial Internet of Things Based on FPGA ZHAO Chun, XIAO Chuan, LIU Yue

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