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Global ecolabelling scheme for consumer products could be beneficial to the world by increasing the public awareness about the environmental impact that might be caused by the manufacturing production along the supply chain activities, i.e., carbon footprint emission. By putting the conventional life cycle assessment (LCA) in tandem with the latest Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) technologies, heterogeneous input and output data sources can be accumulated in real-time manner, towards a data-driven sustainability metric evaluation to produce the ecolabels to promote the eco-friendly consumer products in supply chain. In this paper, we present a high-level technical overview architecture to showcase how we utilize the IIoT technologies to enhance the sustainability evaluation metric along textile supply chain. The input and output data collection along all stages in the textile supply chain thus can be qualified and quantified to yield a guideline for LCA practitioners.

IIoT-enabled and Data-driven Sustainability Evaluation Framework for Textile Supply Chain Authors: Tan Wei Chit, Liu Ning, Noel Antony Paliath, Yuan Miao Long, Humza Akhtar, Yang Shanshan

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