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This paper proposes a special capacitive wireless power transfer (CPT) system with the aluminum foil-based coupling coupler. The aluminum foil is much thinner and lighter than the general metal plates. What’s more, it is flexible, cheap, and convenient. Compared with the general coupling capacitor, which is consisted of metal plates, the thickness of aluminum foil coupling capacitor is much thinner. The shape of aluminum foil could be easily built and changed according to the application requirements. This CPT system could be used for the flexible Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) based electronic products. An experimental CPT system is built to demonstrate the theoretical analysis. The experimental results show that the proposed CPT system could work with the air dielectric. The stable load voltage could be achieved, and the 5 W LED lamp is lighted by the proposed CPT system. As a result, the power could be wirelessly transferred by the aluminum foil-based coupling coupler. The theory and design of proposed CPT system are verified by the experimental results. This paper provides opportunities on design and manufacture of CPT system that can solve challenging technological problems for future electronic device applications.

Wireless power transfer system with ultra-thin aluminum foil Lei Yang Xiaojie Li, Jianle Jian, Zhe Wang,Yuanqi Zhang, Li Ma, Xinghua Liu,Jingjing Huang, Xiangqian Tong, Yuwei Fu

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