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The sine wave drive technology of permanent magnet synchronous motor based on Hall sensor is a rotor position detection technology that can ensure the running performance of the motor, and at the same time can effectively control the system cost and improve the reliability of the system. It has attracted wide attention from scholars at home and abroad. However, the actual three-phase Hall signal has a certain deviation from the ideal situation, which causes the accuracy of motor speed and rotor position estimation to decrease, thereby affecting the control performance of the motor. This article first introduces the working principle of the Hall position sensor, and then discusses two different rotor position estimation schemes based on the three-phase Hall position sensor. In view of the imperfect Hall signal, a frequency tracking filter is proposed to improve the observation performance of the position vector observer, and finally verify the performance of the scheme through simulation.

Research on Rotor Position Estimation of PMSM Based on Hall Position Sensor 1st Quntao An 2nd Changqing Chen 3rd Meng Zhao 4th Teng Ma 5th Kaihua Ge

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